We are DIPRO INNOVATION DESIGN, a company whose partners and multidisciplinary team have a long trajectory in the disciplines of Industrial Design, Architecture, Interior Design and Graphic Communication. Incorporated in 2005, we generate projects for the construction industry, commercial and institutional equipment, corporate interiorism, product development and experiential marketing, always innovating in the generation of bespoke solutions for several markets.

In the cultural field, we produce pieces of contemporary art and monumental sculpture, also we develop equipment for museums, whose scopes go from the design and fabrication of interactive exhibits to integral museographic projects, which include scientific and educational contents.

Our structure is based on specialized business areas, which operate as a center of creation and integration, complementing the design with management, research, administration and production of high complexity projects.


Circ. Jorge Álvarez del Castillo #1208-A
Lomas del Country, C.P. 44610
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.
Phone: +52 (33) 38 54 04 11,
+52 (33) 32 80 26 05


Av. Faro ·2350, Col. Verde Valle
Piso 1 módulo Z, C.P. 44550
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.


15031 Woodham Dr.
Houston Tx. 77073
Phone: 1 855 436 4505

General Inquiries:
1 855 436 4505

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